GeneBank Genome Record Parser (GGRP)

A tool to parse the Genome Recordwise















Browsing genomic information has been central to life science analysis since large scale genomes became available for myriad of species. With the advent of recent high throughput DNA sequencers, huge amount of genomic data has been produced, requiring the data analysis to be done as quickly as possible. NCBI completed the transition of its main genome annotation database from Locus link to Entrez Gene in spring 2005. However, there is need to parse a single genome according to user's requirements. Here We developed a parser for GenBank genome record to parse the complete genome record wise (GGRP) GenBank Genome Record Parser.


In this Software input will be any complete genome record of GenBank and the software will parse the genome record wise. All the required information for a particular record will be displayed in one screen-shot. It will parse whole genome according to GeneID and will display respective information. GGRP has been developed in Java. Some additional Perl scripts have also been used to parse the genome. Parser have been generalized in way that it will work for any GeneBank genome entry i.e. nuclear or mitochondrial.